Upcoming Events

Please get in contact if you can help put on more Disposable Perspectives events

Past events

26 — 28th October 2018
Bogota exhibition launch, Artist Run, Peckham, London

10 June 2018
STAR Oxford

23rd May 2018
Port de la Chappelle exhibition, Exeter Phoenix, UK

14 — 17th May 2018
Port de la Chappelle exhibition, Cambridge, UK

2nd February 2018
Port de la Chappelle exhibition, St. Johns College, Oxford, UK

9 — 14th October 2017
Edinburgh World Justice Festival

19 — 25th June 2017
Refugee Week @ Amnesty International UK. 
Four of the photographers’ series displayed in the entrance hall of Amnesty’s Shoreditch offices.

2 — 9th June 2017
Exhibition launch at The HIVE Dalston. 
The refugee crisis affects refugees - come and listen to their voices. The photos and explanatory material will be displayed
throughout the gallery with a short film projected onto the final wall.